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Butterfly Manual Phoropter CV-400
Product name : Butterfly Manual Phoropter CV-400
Product No. : CV-400
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Classic Butterfly Manual Phoropter
Model: CV-400
CE Marked

Manual Phoropter is applicable to ophthalmology departments of hospital, eye clinic, eye institute and spectacle 
store for precision measurement of eye conditions, such as stereoscopic vision, myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, 
eyesight amalgamation, heterophoria, and eyesight balance.

1. Beautiful classic butterfly shape;
2. Black and white colors for option;
3. All METAL materials for durable use;
4. Anti-mildew plated film Optical Lens keeps lifelong use;
5. Able to check all side visual refraction, with accurate and comfortable measurement;
6. Exquisite manufacturing technique, with comfortable feeling;
7. Concentrated operation and large scale improve performance.

Technical Specifications:
Sphere Power                      Range: -19.00D~+16.75D
                                            Step: 0.25D
CylinderPpower                   Range: 0~-6.00D
                                                        0~-8.00D with additional lens -2.00D
                                            Step: 0.25D(When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens +0.12D, step: 0.12D)
Cylinder Axis                        Range: 0~180°  
                                            Step: 5°
Cross Cylinder                     ±0.25D
Rotary Prism                        Range: 0~20△  
                                            Step: 1△
PD Adjustment                     50~75mm  
                                            Step: 1mm
Convergence Adjustment    ∞, 380mm (When PD is 64mm)
Forehead-rest Adjustment  16mm
Corneal Vertex Distance     12mm                  

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