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Auto Phoropter by Bluetooth Data Transfer
Product name : Auto Phoropter by Bluetooth Data Transfer
Product No. : CV-7600
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Optical Equipment Auto Phoropter
Data transmission by bluetooth
Model: CV-7600

CE & US FDA Marked

1. Small and compact design;
2. Fast and smooth Lens switch;
3. Left and right independent PD adjustment to provide more accurate measurement;
4. Built-in white LED lamp offers clear and safe measurement environment;
5. Automatic convergence and PD adjustment are operated, during near point test;
6. Multi-coated optical lenses are adopted;

7. Bluetooth wireless data transmission.

Technical Specifications:
Sphere                           -19.00D~+16.75D, 0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D steps
Cylinder                          -6.00D~+6.00D, 0.25D step
Axis Angle                       0°~180°(1°/5° steps)
Pupil Distance                 Distant Range: 52~80mm, 0.5/1mm steps
                                       Close Range: 48~76mm, 0.5/1mm steps
Rotary Prism                   0~20 (0.1/0.5/1 steps)
Cross Cylinder Lens       ±0.25D
Retinoscope                   +1.50D (67cm), +2.00D (50cm)
                                       PH, Binoculus (1.0mm)
                                       RMV, RMH
                                       RL (Right Eye), GL (Left Eye)
Auxiliary Lens                 Polaroid (Right Eye: 135°/45°, Left Eye: 45°/135°)
                                       Prism ( Right: 3BU, 6BU) (Left: 3BD, 10BI)
                                       Cross Cylinder Lens: ±0.50D, Axis=90°
                                       PD Lens
Head Size                       381*286*111mm, 3.8kgs
Table Size                      243*171*7mm, 0.5kgs
Power Supply                 AC110V~220V, 60Hz/50Hz, 90W

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